Kylito's Salsa originated at my restaurant, Jodarro's Grill, in Slaton, TX many years ago. Although the restaurant is a distant memory, the legend of its salsa lives on!

Over the course of time, salsa lovers from near and far have relentlessly pursued jars upon countless jars of this simple, yet unbelievably delicious salsa.

The perfect combination of tomatoes, peppers, and spices make my salsa an amazing compliment to all varieties of food...

What SEPARATES my salsa from all others is the unique cooking process which allows my product to maintain the same taste and authenticity as when I served it in my restaurant! 

" Coma Kylito's en TODO!"..... 
"Eat Kylito's on EVERYTHING!"

From humble beginnings, I present to you~
Kylito's Salsa!